What are the differences between level 2 and level 3 in childcare?

There are two levels involved in childcare apprenticeships. These are the intermediate level which is referred also as level 2 and the advanced level which is also known as level 3. These two levels are very important in this field. However, they have very distinct differences which appear in terms of;


This is one area which distinguishes the two levels. For you to join as a level 3 apprentice, you will need to have either A levels achievement and GCSEs in grade 4+ and specifically in math and English, or you can also qualify if you have gone through level 2 and finished successfully. Level 2 on the other hand, will require you to at least five GCSEs at grade 4+ not necessarily in math and English.


This is also one difference that is very distinct when it comes to these two levels in childcare apprenticeships

. There is a little higher payment for level 3 apprentices than what the level 2 apprentices get. This is due to the roles which are different too between the intermediate and the advanced. However when you are in level 2, you are allowed to enrol for level 3 and learn as you work in level 2, once you finish, you can be fully upgraded to level 3.


There is a difference in responsibilities too between these two levels. As a level 2 apprentice, you will have a responsibility of working as a caretaker under the supervision and help out in things like enrollment of children; this means you cannot work on bigger issues and you also get to work with children who are below five years only. On the other hand, as a level 3 apprentice, you can take up the roles as a nursery school worker and you can even learn nursing; you also can be a supervisor.